A Story in Pictures

21 Mar

I could pull out my thesaurus and use all the synonyms for the word “exhausted” to describe my experience of the month of March, or I could just do an iPhone dump. See iPhone dump below. Pix or it didn’t happen, after all.

A very cool and super tiring thing that happened March 1 is the musical Husband and I have been rehearsing nights and weekends for two months finally went up.

I made some flowers for the cast for our opening night.

I like to get my watercolor on now and again.

I like to get my watercolor on now and again.

I know some people wear scads of make-up every dang day, but for a lip balm enthusiast such as myself, spackling on this amount of paint just to get into costume tuckers me out.

What mole?

What mole?

Happy to report that we had a successful opening, and then Husband went out of town for work. Pretty much as soon as he crossed state lines, this happened:

8-10 inches of the white nasty.

10 inches of the white nasty.

It knocked out the power at Casa Amomynity and canceled school, and the children and I were forced to seek refuge at my parents’ house for 3 days. Which wasn’t all bad, I have to admit.

It was like sledding in mud, but the kids were determined.

It was like sledding in freezing wet mud.

Inside was far nicer. Jeeves! More hot chocolate!

Inside was much nicer. Jeeves! More hot chocolate!

We got power back at the house about two hours before we had to report to the vocal rehearsal they scheduled in lieu of a show, as power to the theater was knocked out as well. Luckily it was restored the next day, just in time for my brother-in-law and his lady friend to swing through town for a couple of nights and see the Saturday night and Sunday afternoon shows. That weekend also included 8 hours of theater movement training and a blow-out cast party at our place. By the end of it all, I looked like this:

Uncle, weekend!

I tried to have too much fuu-uuu-uuuun.

Then my mother-in-law came to town for a week, with a bonus overnight visit from my husband’s best friend. They saw the third weekend of shows and helped out with some clutch kid-care. After we said our goodbyes and they both got safely home, this past week has been quieter, plus the first day of Spring brought beautiful sunshine! Finally! I kicked the kids outside so I could enjoy a little sanity, but apparently I needed to provide specific parameters for outdoor activities. While one child doctored his old-time “Mr. Magoo” cars with Sharpies:

I love that he made them Saabs. What a snob!

I love that he made them Saabs. What a snob!

the other child uprooted, tore apart, and generally vandalized freshly sprung greenery for “potions.”

At least the carnage was given an artful presentation.

At least the carnage was given an artful presentation.

Siiigh. Well, we’re coming up on the last weekend of the play, which will be crammed with 4 shows, a long and complicated set strike, and perhaps a little late-night cast bonding. And March has one more big event in store for me, in the form of a birthday next weekend that is perilously close to the Big 4-o. At this point I’m feeling ready to look down and see this:

Sand piggies.

Sand piggies.

Bring on July, I say!

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  1. muddledmom March 24, 2013 at 7:44 pm #

    Love the Saab!

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